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A producer of top-quality, bottom poured steel ingots for the domestic forging industry.

Located in Latrobe, PA, and in operation for more than 100 years, LSM specializes in the melting of vacuum degassed, argon shrouded carbon and alloy steel ingots for a variety of applications. With the ability to provide competitive pricing, excellent quality, on-time deliveries, and outstanding customer service, Lehigh Special Melting continues to be recognized as an industry leader.

Our products include smooth and corrugated ingot sizes of 13″ diameter to 63″ diameter and weights from 5,700 lbs. to 79,500 lbs. each.

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LSM Grades/Material Specifications

10xx 46xx 87xx F1 ASTM A-105 18CrNiMo7-6 Mil-S-23284
13xx 47xx 88xx F2 ASTM A-266 17NiCrMo6 Mil-S-18729
15xx 48xx 92xx F5 ASTM A-350 25CrMo4 Mil-S-23194
33xx 51xx 93xx F11 ASTM A-372 42CrMo4
40xx 52100 94xx F12 ASTM A-471 21CrMoV511
41xx 61xx F21 ASTM A-508
43xx 86xx F22 ASTM A-707

* if your grade/specification is not listed, please inquire with the LSM Sales Team

ISO 9001 Certificate of Registration

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Certificate of Registration

ABS Certificate of Foundry (Facility and Process Approval)

Lehigh Specialty Melting Inc.
107 Gertrude Street Latrobe, PA USA 15650 TEL: +1.724.537.7731

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